Earn Money Online: Real Ways To Earn Money On Internet Without Investments

Earn Money Online: Real Ways To Earn Money On Internet Without Investments

Here we talk about how to earn money online in a real way but without investments.

With the development of the global Internet, people hope to get more income online day by day. 

In fact, there are many jobs or online work on the Internet. But there are also ways to make money to replace office work. Below we will discuss how to make money on the Internet. 

Pros of making money online

Making money online in 2020 is a popular field with many advantages. We will discuss the advantages of working remotely from home:

No investment

If you choose to work online, you don’t even have to spend money to go to work. And you don’t have to find money for lunch, because you can eat the food you have at home.

There are no risks

You will not risk anything except your own time. If you have time, you can try other ways to make money and choose the one you like best. Of course, there is a risk that the customer will not pay for the work, but for this you can work with advance payment. All exchanges have “secure transactions” to protect you from bad customers.

Any schedule

You can choose the opening hours, at any time you can relax and arrange a vacation. And most importantly, there is no boss who would command you.

Most of the websites do not require investment, and you can start making money immediately after registering on the valid site. If you are required to pay to open access to tasks, you should not be involved in this business-usually working with scammers. Don’t start work where you need to pay first.

Legal Ways to Make $100 or More money Online in a Single Day

Earnings in Social Networks Online

Today everyone is registered in popular social networks, but in addition to having a pleasant pastime, you can earn money on the Internet. Below we list the most reliable and proven services that definitely pay money for simple actions:

” Cashbox”

The site contains simple tasks that can be completed after a simple registration. This inspection will not take a lot of time, the task will be automatically accepted without the need to submit a report. The service interface is simple, clear and straightforward. There are also more complex tasks associated with registering on site, installing apps and conducting surveys.


On this service, most tasks are related to clicks on social networks. The assignment will not be checked automatically, but it will be reviewed, but the payment for the task is much higher than that of the competition, and you can make money faster. The task is simple, for example, you need to like a post or comment somewhere.


The site has a large selection of assignment and tasks, but due to the fact that there is a lot of work here, the price for them is lower than that of competitors. The tasks is only for the social network Vkontakte.

On each of these services, in addition to making money on completed tasks, there is also a referral  and recommendation system, that you can use to increase your income. Just invite your friends to visit the site and they will perform simple tasks, and you will earn money for it.

Earnings on your Own Website

If you have your own website, then the ability to make money online is still increasing and which is a great way to generate a lot of stable income and start your own company. The easiest way is to place third-party ads on your page.

  • #Affiliate Marketing
  • #Pay Per Click” Advertising
  • #Sell Ad Space
  • #Sell Your Own Digital Product
  • #Accept Donations From Visitors
  • #Set Up an E-Commerce Site
  • #Flip Your Websites
  • #Sell Sponsored blog Posts
  • #Generate ‘Leads’ for Other Companies
  • #Build an ‘Email List’

Bitcoin Cranes

One way to make money is to get bitcoins by working on faucets. There was a lot of hype around this currency, but services where you can earn satoshi still exist.

One way to make money is to get bitcoins working for collectors. There was a lot of hype around this currency,but services that can earn satoshis still exist.

In fact, there are a lot of them, and they all work according to the same principle – you need to click on the picture for a certain amount of time, it lasts from 5 minutes to an hour.

You will not be able to make a lot of money but you will have enough for mobile communication. Bitcoin only grows over time, so you can hoard the currency and exchange it when the rate appreciates. Below are some common sites:

  • #FreeBitcoIn;
  • #AdBts;
  • #Moon Bitcoin;


Freelance Earnings

Freelancing has recently become a very popular activity because you can make money without leaving home-which is very convenient. Artists, copywriters, video editors, poets  and designers, will be able to find works on their own.

But in order to make money, you need to be a professional in one of these industries.  Below we list the most popular online job search services:


The unique feature of this service is that the cost of any work is estimated to be 500 rubles, of which 100 rubles will be borne by the scene, which means that the performer will receive 400 rubles.

You can set the action you want to perform for this amount yourself. There is a section “Original”, where vacancies are published that did not fall into separate categories.


In the process of creating a project, only copywriters can find their work on the website, but now they publish different tasks to write text, transcribe, and create a video, animation, video or picture cover.


This is one of the first sites to find jobs for freelancers, but to start making money, you need to purchase a paid account so that you can connect with customers. You have to purchased Subscriptions for 1, 3, and 12 months. Of course, some tasks are open to all users, but there are few tasks and you will need to spend some time searching for them.

Earning Money from Writing Content, Texts

Earning money writing texts is most profitable niches is writing texts and is the best earn money online on internet, because unique and informative content on websites is always needed for the company.

But competition is also growing, and people with more experience or those who write quality texts can make money through copywriting.

Many people who work full-time online earn higher salaries than those who work in factories.

However, if you have time, you can always feel free-accept the order, otherwise please accept it. Therefore, you can start an online business and just enjoy working.

It is most profitable to work directly with the site without paying a commission to the service.

However, if you have no experience, you can gain experience and build a portfolio in copywriting and rewriting communications.

The most popular and mature platforms for making or earn money online are:


This is one of the earliest copywriting exchanges where you can still make money. Here you can find simple orders for beginners and expensive jobs for experienced performers.

There is also a shop where you can place your completed works. Each artist has his own score, the higher the score, the more income you can earn. You can withdraw funds to a bank card, Yandex. Money, Webmoney, Qiwi.


Etxt is the popular copywriting exchange sites. To work, you need to register on the service, start placing orders for orders. The minimum fee is 10 rubles for 1000 characters . To increase your income, you must pass a literacy and qualification test.

If you have texts with at least one star in your portfolio, then clients more often appoint you as a performer more frequently than others.


Another most common service where you can make money. Each performer has a score so that customers can see their skills, as well as negative and positive reviews.

The best authors are published on the homepage. If you work hard to improve the score, you will be able to find regular customers by yourself.

Earn Money Online – Websites for Automatic Earnings

There are also many sites where you can make money without manual intervention. The most important thing is the existence of computers and the Internet.

Below we describe several ways to earn money on the Internet, you can get real money without any effort:


On this site, there are different tasks to complete, but if you want to work automatically, download the application to your computer and you can make money without participating.


The service collects and displays likes, subscriptions and comments on YouTube. In order to start earning money on the Internet, you need to install the program, which will rewind the video within a given time frame without human intervention. The scroll wheel tab will not be active, which means it will not interfere with your work on the computer.

Earnings Online – Participation in Affiliate Programs

If you participate in many affiliate programs, you can earn a steady income. The whole essence of the work is similar to the referral system – you recommend a product or video to your friends or subscribers.

And then they buy and you get money. Each user receives a personal link for posting. It can be published anywhere. For example, on social media, on your YouTube channel.

There are many affiliate services that you can earn money online, but the most popular ways to make money online are as follows:

  • #Affiliate;
  • #Admitad;
  • #Marketcall;
  • #Shakes

This article introduces various ways to make money on the Internet without investment. There are profitable options. In some services, you will not be able to make a lot of money.

However, if you perform many tasks on different services every day and perform such activities responsibly, you can make money.

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