Camcorder Black Friday – You Need To Check Out!!!

Camcorder Black Friday – You Need To Check Out!!!

Although we came a long way with digital photography, you still feel the requirement of a Camcorder to record a moment perfectly. I know iPhone 11 can let you shoot unbelievably good quality videos but you have to pay more than $1000. So why to spend this huge money when you get a camcorder for half of that price during this Sony Camcorder Black Friday sale.

There are a lot of choices for you to pick a good camcorder from Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and much more. None of them can be called the best camcorder since each has its own purpose. So first you need to know some basic parameters to choose one as per your requirement. I would recommend you to go through our buying guide below.

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Features you should know before buying

  • Resolution: When you are using It to capture precious moments it’s highly anticipated that you will see it on a large TV in the future. That’s why resolution matters the most. You should look for a 4K camcorder considering the big TVs we have nowadays. If it’s out of your budget then go for 2K recording. The more the resolution the more crisp and clear images you will see.
  • Zoom Capability: Zoom is another important parameter you need to consider for a good camcorder. You don’t want to ruin a perfect moment by getting too close. That’s why we recommend 20X zoom should be there in a good camcorder. If you can afford more that, that’s great.
  • FPS (Frames per second): If you want to capture a cinematic video then you also need to take a quick look at the FPS. Almost all the movies are shot at 24FPS. So you really need to verify if your camcorder support shooting at 24 frames per second. And having 30 FPS support always a good thing to have.
  • Output Format: This may not look that important to common people but trust me it’s a very important feature when you are watching the recording later. Generally, all modern TVs can play MP4 codec as well as H264 and w/XAVC.
  • Sound Quality: Sound is the second most important thing in a video after the picture quality. No matter how impressive your video quality is if there is no sound you can’t use it anywhere. It’s always great to have a zoom microphone inside your camcorder. That means when you zoom in to an object or person the camcorder will automatically capture that particular sound. So you will always get clear and dynamic audio out of the camcorder.

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Need for a Camcorder in 2020

As discussed earlier, the main question is do you really need a camcorder in this smartphone era? The answer is YES.

There are certain situations where a camcorder is the best choice for you. Let’s talk about zoom capability. You hardly get a 3X zoom in smartphone through the telephoto lens ( only if your phone has one). And a camcorder lets you zoom up to 50X with one-third of a smartphone price.

Most of the DLSR or mirrorless cameras have a recording limit of up to 29.59 minutes. But a Camcorder doesn’t have this limitation. This may be not a useful feature for most people but there is someone looking for this. Thus a camcorder serves them the best as per their need.
Unless you are using a costly external mic with your camera the default sound came out of it is horrible. Since it is designed only for recording video you can some great quality audio also out of it.


In 2020, it is not for everyone to be honest. After reading the above if you feel that these features are what you are looking for then you definitely need a camcorder. We have thoroughly reviewed some of the best camcorders out there in this BlackFriday 2020 sale. Go check them out.

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