7 Amazing Dishes You Can Make with A Rice Cooker

7 Amazing Dishes You Can Make with A Rice Cooker

What can you do with a rice cooker? The appliance sounds simple, but you can prepare thousands of recipes of Amazing Dishes under 10 minutes. Cooking with a rice cooker isn’t complex, and the best part is that you prepare delicious and nutritious meals.

The notion that a rice cooker can only cook rice doesn’t have any backing; the truth is that this best rice cooker can cook everything. So, in case you are wondering what to cook with a rice cooker, stop the guess. In this article, we explore more than seven amazing dishes you can make with a rice cooker.

Read on to discover the little secrets about the infamous rice cooker! Before we proceed, note that a rice cooker uses the least energy to cook any meal compared to ovens and stoves.

Check out these Amazing Dishes which is listed below:-

1.    Cooking Soup

It seems daft, but the reality is that a rice cooker can cook soup. If you want to prepare a creamy, nutritious soup, you won’t go wrong with a rice cooker. A rice cooker keeps the nutrients within the soup because of its tight covering, which limits evaporation.

2. Rice Cooker for Baking

And did you know that a rice cooker can bake cake? Well, now you know this fun fact, rice cookers make lovely cakes. Cake ovens cost exorbitantly high prices to procure, but nevermind, you will get the same quality result by using an affordable rice cooker.

3. Egg Boiling

The simplest method to cook eggs is by using a rice cooker. Of all the billion ways of making boiled eggs, this one is a no-brainer; you only need to add a little water, seal off the cooker, and activate the temperature. In less than 10 minutes, the steam will build up and cook soft eggs with shells that peel off without any difficulty.



4. Cooking meat

Another big question-Can rice cooker cook meat? Yes is the quick answer to this question. You can make hardy pork, BBQ sauce, and country-style ribs with a rice cooker. You will notice a big difference in the tenderness of the meat cooked with a rice cooker compared to that made with a conventional stove.

5. Making Sausage Jambalaya

Here is another lazy meal to cook with a rice cooker. After a tedious day, you only need to dip all ingredients (veggies, seasonings, liquids, rice, shrimp, and okra) into the rice and wait for it to simmer. In a matter of minutes, you open the rice cooker, and the aroma that greets you is pretty tantalizing.

6. Preparing Macaroni and Cheese

Mac and Cheese is the other quick fix to make on a rice cooker. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it for yourself or a group. Gather all the ingredients and stir them together in the rice cooker, and in about 10, your delicacy will be ready for serving.

7. Cooking Steamed Salmon Alongside Spring Onions and Ginger

A salmon recipe spiced up with spring onions, and ginger will cook for less than 8 minutes in a rice cooker. You only need to chop the ingredients, dip them in the cooker, and wait for a tasty outcome. The process is straightforward and keeps the flavor and nutrients intact.

Conclusion: A rice cooker never disappoints when it comes to cooking a variety of meals. We only sampled seven, but the fact is that you can prepare thousands of recipes using the appliance. And what makes it most preferred is the ability to keep the nutrients in and the flavor intact.

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